The Tribuna of the Uffizi
The most precious treasure of the Uffizi Gallery and of the international museum design is considered to be the origin of the museum of modern Europe.

After the restoration in 2012, with the help of Friends of Florence, the Tribune - because of its preciousness - is now visible only looking out the three gates.

The Digital Museum
The project, thanks to a complex multidisciplinary work and contribution of Metaenergia, makes it accessible in the form of a digital museum the ocatgonal space, made in the early eighties '500 by Bernardo Buontalenti behest of Francesco I de' Medici.

A new concept museografico that, starting from a scientific reconstruction, allows to fully appreciate a great heritage.

the multimedia installation
Located along the first corridor of the Uffizi Gallery, in correspondence of the main overlooking in the Tribune, the multimedia installationallows everyone to take a virtual tour inside the Tribuna experiencing an immersive three-dimensional experience.

the multimedia installation
Thanks to a system of highly advanced technologies, was possible 3D playback of 15 sculptures present within the Tribuna obtained by the use of various structured optical scanner and laser scanner.

the multimedia installation
During the virtual tour you can "frame" a specific work of art, and with a simple tap on its icon, it opens a tab with information, images, and any three-dimensional models.
More information are related to the history and architecture of the Tribuna.